Throughout the repossession process, our ownership, management and staff proactively work to ensure that the consumer pays the amount requested by our client or the collateral is recovered. Assignments are immediately processed, reviewed for special circumstances and assigned to the field. Systematically working the assignment using feedback from our field employees, telephonic investigations, and in-house skip tracing, we make the repossession process safer, quicker and more efficient for our client.

We continually are aware of any changes, trends and issues within the recovery industry. Protecting our client also means protecting the consumer's privacy. We make certain that no printed documents containing consumer information ever leaves the protection of our locked offices also secured by an alarm system and nighttime security. Field employees are not given any printed documents, but instead, have all consumer information held on password protected computers that are always inside locked vehicles with alarm systems.

Additional benefits to our clients, which translates to more dollars for you, is our special concern to obtain keys to the collateral. As you know, one key can cost as much as the repossession itself. Provicial Financial Group maintains an 80% retrieval rate for keys.

Our company was built on providing the best customer service possible!

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